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The main activities of ICL are:
- skills vocational training for women and young people in basic cooking, sewing and bead-making
- youth and community volunteering
- community health education, awareness and support
- community care initiatives

ICL specifically aims to support and empower women, people living with HIV/AIDs, young people, and orphans and vulnerable children.

The following information is representative of the work of ICL and reflects the views of staff, volunteers and those that ICL are working with.

ICL is working hard to make poverty a thing of the past in Ipaja - no one in the community is asking for a handout; they are simply looking for ways to make their lives better, to provide for their families and to secure their future. For more information, please call 0702 969 8523, 0706 155 0665 or 0705 636 9269 (or add +234 if calling from the UK) or email icl@difn.org.uk.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Advocacy, fundraising and volunteering: Baruwa Community Primary School

Baruwa Community Primary School, one of the only government-owned public primary schools in the area and not that far from the office of Ipaja Community Link, has recently become one of the key areas of work for staff. The school has over 700 pupils, but just 7 classrooms and 7 teachers. This picture was taken inside one of the classroom where there were 120 pupils and one teacher. The school was originally sited in a factory, but the school moved to this site in 2007 and opened on 5 May 2008 - it was not completed, but the Headteacher and teachers believed that it was "manageable". Government funds have not since stretched to complete windows, doors and plastering nor are there available funds to install toilets for the pupils or the teachers or provide a bore-hole for safe drinking water. Currently, pupils and staff go to the toilet in the bush area beside the school (which is often frequented by snakes) and drink water from an exposed well.

ICL is now working alongside teachers, parents and community leaders, as well as the Local Government, to facilitate the necessary improvements to the school and to seek funding to install toilets and a bore-hole. Once approval is received from state-level, ICL youth volunteers will volunteer their time as teaching assistants, and following necessary training, the volunteers will also provide basic literacy and numeracy skills and information about basic health issues through the Child-to-Child programme to the pupils.

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  1. Ipaja Community Link is doing a wonderful job developing our communities. I want to use this medium to say big welldone to the team. To Jenny i say welldone for bringing ICL to the view of the world.I am sure a lot of public spirited individuals will be moved to give additional support to ICL because you have proved so far that you are capable of using whatever resources you get effectively. It is only natural that you continue to get more support to gear you into takining greater strides. Kudos!! Talatakumi